Seaside house in Oman / Concept 2

When seen by the sea Concept 2 House

looks like it is divided in two parts with the sea “entering” the yard of the house in the form of the linear pool.

The “yard” is the center of the House, like in traditional architecture.

Everything relates to it.

It connects all the spaces and provides also privacy from the public.

The “yard” and the rest of the house is accessed through a shaded passage from the side road.

To access the entrance of the main house I walk on a “bridge” over the linear pool.

The entrance area is a double height space.

On my right hand ,

I find the kitchen area.

Allocation of spaces in the Concept 2 House,

follows the  simple rule as in Concept 1 House:

“Public” and Living Spaces are located in the Ground Floor.

“Private” spaces-bedrooms are located on the 1st Floor.

The main difference lies in the fact, that in the Concept 2 House, 1st Floor bedrooms are divided in two separated parts.

The two parts are like independent “apartments” inside the main House, accessed by their own staircases….

…but connected also through the open spaces and balconies that move around the different levels of the central court-yard all the way up to the roof.