EB/ARCHITECTS is an architectural practice that provides design and consulting services for the construction industry. Their design and BIM implementation portfolio covers a wide spectrum of sectors such as Culture, Education, Healthcare, Administration, Commercial, Tourism, Hospitality, Sports, Transportation, Infrastructure and Residential.

EB/ARCHITECTS have participated in some of the most demanding projects of the recent years in Greece such as the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop and the Athens Olympic Velodrome designed by Santiago Calatrava.​

EB/ARCHITECTS are considered to be the most devoted and advanced firm in Building Information Modeling process in Greece, utilizing it for every project they design.

By implementing BIM at its full potential EB/ARCHITECTS are capable to provide engineering, design and consulting services of the highest level.



EB/ARCHITECTS have participated in some of the most iconic projects constructed in Greece in recent years. They have supported the realization of dreams designed by masters of our profession like Santiago Calatrava and Renzo Piano. When called to provide original design for a project, they draw inspiration from these experiences and from the Vision of their Clients and they deliver authentic, compelling, sculptural yet always functional concepts.


Commitment and Dedication are the words best describing EB/ARCHITECTS’ approach whenever they are invitedto participate in iconic projects as the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop.
Team players by culture, they will conduce to the collective effort and offer a wide variety of skills and know-how, spanning from engineering and design tasks to pure technical BIM implementation services, applicable throughout the project’s Lifecycle from Concept to Operation & Maintenance.


When the design scope is fully covered, other issues such as interdisciplinary spatial coordination can become a real challenge even though BIM supported clash detection and coordination procedures may be applied. In mega-projects like the DEWA Headquarters in Dubai, magnified by their scale, these problems will require a prototype, tailor-made response that will push further the boundaries of established workflows. EB/ARCHITECTS' will deliver however challenging these conditions may be with an innovative and results-driven solution.


In every architectural “masterpiece” there are parts, although lesser in aesthetic significance, still in need to be in absolute alignment with the design intent of the “signature” elements of the composition. In the case of the Olympic Velodrome designed by Santiago Calatrava, EB/ARCHITECTS undertook the complete design, from Concept to Issued for Construction for the refurbishment and expansion of the existing cycling track and the supporting areas of the venue, allowing for the renowned architect to focus in the design of the iconic, emblematic canopy that rises above.

We have worked for projects executed in 10 countries and 3 continents:

We have proudly contributed to projects owned, managed, designed or constructed by:

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