10 BIM things you need to know

Struggling with BIM? You’re not alone, with less than a year until the UK Government’s BIM mandate comes into effect, over 60% of respondents to our BIM survey indicated they need help understanding and implementing BIM. Read this handy infographic providing an overview of what key BIM terms mean and how they relate to each other. […]


BIM News: BIM laser scan of Parliament ordered.

BIM work will help inform £6bn renewal of Palace of Westminster Parliament has ordered a laser scan survey and BIM model of the Palace of Westminster to help inform the £6bn renewal of the famous but badly ageing buildings. The Palace of Westminster is the historic home of both houses of Parliament, but is in […]



Source Client: Network Rail Lead Contractor: Carillion BIM Tools: Revit To open up Leeds station to the recently redeveloped areas to the south of city centre, and relieve passenger congestion at the existing ticket barrier, an additional southern entrance to the station was needed. Due to limited space, and the need to access the existing […]


Collaboration, not elitism, for the future of BIM take-up

“Stephan Jones, Segment Manager of Trimble MEP, examines how best those heading-up the BIM vanguard can help to get other more cynical businesses on-board. Unsurprisingly, it’s collaboration and not elitism that’s the key…” SOURCE “The UK government deadline for BIM Level 2 compliance has arrived, and the construction community is rapidly being divided into the […]


BIM Services from EB/Architects

We constantly talk and write about BIM, it’s benefits, it’s secrets and it’s importance. We decided that prior to a few other things that we will present you soon, it would be a good idea to remind you how good at it we already are! Watch this video and get to know us a little bit […]


Clients are missing out 50% of the benefits of BIM

“Many clients think they are getting the best out of BIM, but most are not even scratching the surface. When attending or presenting at the regular BIM conference circuit there are always things to learn and information to be gleaned – but I find some of the most valuable or telling lessons often come from […]


BIM: Why should clients be bothered?

“This blog post was an opinion piece for Constructing Excellence‘s December 2013 e-newsletter. Its author is Benedict Wallbank of SmartBIM Solutions (part of Graphisoft), who has contributed to recent CE and ThinkBIM events (the piece doesn’t seem to be more widely available, but I felt it should be). Ben Wallbank chairs ThinkBIM session in Leeds, […]


Best BIM Bad BIM: Fiona Moore

The Pros & Cons from BIM implementations, straight from the experts. Source “Answered from either a personal or industry-viewpoint perspective, Best BIM Bad BIM sees a member of the#GlobalBIMCrew divulge their best and worst BIM experiences and what they have learned from both. Today’s interviewee is Fiona Moore, BIM Consultant at Cirrus Consultant Services. Fiona […]


World BIM Market Opportunities and Forecasts, 2015 – 2022

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of a construction project that can be used by architects, engineers and other construction professionals. It helps in planning, designing, constructing, operating and maintaining this complex asset plus it allows for speedy data exchanges among the involved parties. Nowadays this series of software tools are becoming exceptionally […]


How far are we from fully integrated design?

What is fully integrated design? So BIM is all about collaboration, Level 2 ensures that project teams are all working from one cloud based common data environment so that information can be seen by any of the project team or project stakeholders at any given time! Each project team member will collaborate by sharing their […]


Benefits of BIM for Interior Design

A lot has been said about BIM and its impact on the overall construction process, work flow management, integrated project delivery and more. However Building information modeling and its impact on the practice of interior design is a relatively untouched topic. BIM can bring in a host of benefits to interior designers by allowing design […]


7 Reasons Why Transitioning to BIM Makes Sense for Small Firms

All you need to know about the top-hot question “Why BIM?” are here. Especially #4. The benefits and capabilities of building information modeling in large-scale architectural practices are well known. But is BIM really necessary for smaller firms? Many small firms have been operating using traditional CAD methods for some time now, and switching technologies […]