Paying it Forward: 6 Futuristic Projects Sprouting Green Roofs

In steady progression, tiny ecosystems rich with flora and fauna are changing the face of our built environment. From reducing storm water runoff and city dust to energy-efficient cooling, the benefits of green roofing go beyond beautification. In less than a decade, the green roof movement has experienced a major boom—and as costs lower and technology makes installation easier, this […]


Health Care Award Winning Building (BOY)

Locals have affectionately dubbed this building the Pinecone. But a conifer did not actually inspire the facade. The strong subtropical sun did. Besides giving a science facility enough X-factor to lure world-class genome researchers, the facade serves as a screen for the glass-wrapped 300,000-square-foot interior. At opposite ends are atriums, one reaching seven stories high, […]

Pallini Residence-1

Residence in Pallini by EB/Architects

When it comes to residential design, pleasure fills our hearts. Architects enjoy designing residences as it is very creative, free and connects them to the client with a deeper, almost personal, relationship. In this case, a ground level residence in Pallini, Attica, EB/Architects created an almost open space with a functioning layout that encourages the usage of […]

I AM 7

“I AM” Installation Lights Up Paulista Avenue with People’s Emotions

Amazing installation, illuminated by interactive light patterns. in the facade of the Hotel WZ Jardins in Sao Paulo, is activated by people’s emotions, the air quality or even the city sounds! Read on, it’s interesting! “Estudio Guto Requena has designed a new façade, which also doubles as an urban art intervention, for the Hotel WZ Jardins […]


“15 Incredible Architectural Feats Made in Minecraft”, by ArchDaily

“With more than 70 million copies sold worldwide, it would be unfair to refer to Minecraft as just a simple game of textured boxes in a pixelated 3D world. After acquiring the makers of the game (Mojang) in 2014, Microsoft announced on Tuesday, January 19 that it also acquired MinecraftEdu, the official educational version of Minecraft, […]