Structural Modeling

The structural section of a construction formulates the backbone upon which all other elements are assembled and the starting point for every coordination and interference checking activity.


Structural BI Modeling

Accuracy and efficiency in the design and construction of the structural framing of a building are of paramount importance especially in the case of complex asymmetrical geometries.

When it comes to the creation of a BI Model, modeling of the structural design elements is also a critical priority and a task that needs to be executed with discipline and careful planning.

Communication and bi-directional integration with structural analysis software is a factor that can boost productivity and eliminate redundant work and delays caused by inadequate interoperability.

EB/A BIM Team is capable of modeling concrete and steel structural framing constructions, regardless of their size, complexity and Level of Detail and to keep those consistently synchronized with modifications resulting by the analysis process.

EB/A BIM Team  has the experience to contribute to the maximum of coordination among disciplines by providing reliable solution to overpass discrepancies that are revealed while in the authoring process, between the Structural, Architectural and MEP elements of the BI Model.

Computational Design for the Structure of the Light Train Technical Base in Dakar / 2016 / Arch. Design: EB/Architects
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