5D BIM - Quantification

BIM Quantification is the process of utilizing information embedded in the BI Model’s elements regarding their count, size, area, volume and other measurable attributes such as weight or density to extract accurate quantities that can be dynamically and bidirectionally integrated to the Bill of Quantities and the Execution Schedule of the Project.


5D BIM - Quantification -BIMBoQ Integration - Cost Monitoring

BIM originated quantifications and cost estimations are beneficial for the project in every phase of its’ Life Cycle from conception to Operations & Maintenance.

Compared to the manual process which is prone to human errors and can require up to 80% of a cost estimators time, BIM can provide accurate and automated quantification, and assist in significantly reducing variability in cost estimates.

BIM software supports the classification of modeling elements in Categories, Types and Instances which provide as properties, metric type data for each element or in the format of schedules for all elements belonging to the same category.

These schedules will be used for quantification and rough estimations at the earlier stages of the design, and will also facilitate the visualization and evaluation of Value Engineering alternatives, especially of those related to architectural finishes.

As the design progresses to the Design Development stage, classification data based on a suitable classification system such as CSI Unifomat, Masterformat, Omniclass or Uniclass, or to a provided BoQ’s WBS, will be assigned to all the elements of the models and then will be used to link these elements with the corresponding items of the BoQ.

The required quantities will be calculated with appropriate formulas incorporating the measurable attributes of the corresponding elements.

One step further, the classification code will be used to connect the elements to the corresponding tasks of a Project Execution Schedule, thus providing the basis of a dynamic, integrated connection of the BI Model, the Schedule and the Quantification, Cost Data parameters.

Scheduling data (4D BIM) plus Cost Data equals 5D BIM, the most powerful and comprehensive system to calculate, visualize, monitor, and adjust allocation of resources and budget during the design and construction period.

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