7D BIM - Handover - O&M - Digital Twins

BIM lets information flow seamlessly from the start of a construction project all the way through to facilities management and operation and when implemented properly at this stage will have a significantly positive impact to the Life Cycle Cost of the building as well as the well-being and quality of life of its’ users.


7D BIM - BIM Driven Handover - BIM for Operation & Maintenance - Digital Twins

A properly developed Asset Information Model will incorporate all information required for the operation of the facility and the maintenance of assets and equipment, collected, and recorded according to the COBie or other equivalent specification, and assigned to the BI Models elements.

At the Handover stage, Model and information combined, will be transferred to the CAFM, CMMS, and BAS solutions through the IFC protocol which is an international standard of communication among BIM authoring software and other BIM compatible platforms.

The Asset Information Model integrated with live data received from installed sensors and building assets that facilitate IoT exchange of information with devices and systems over the Internet, becomes a Digital Twin of the actual facility, used for analysis, planning, simulation, testing, work management, and evaluation of performance in comparison to design assumptions.

EB/Architects BIM Team through their strategic partnership with EcoDomus, the leading global software provider, are bringing the value of BIM-based Digital Twin to building owners and occupiers for improved design and construction data collection and handover, facility management, operation, and maintenance.

The area of services includes:

  • Facilities Portfolio Management, through GIS BIM integration, where facilities are displayed on a Google Earth or ArcGIS map and the owner has the ability to navigate to the BI Model and query the facility and the work orders data. He can also view and edit assets across the whole facilities portfolio, run asset condition reports across the portfolio and service history report using CMMS and energy efficiency data.
  • As-Built BIM Maintenance, by keeping track of changes (Change Log) among all facility applications (BIM, CMMS, CAFM, ERP, BAS) to maintain accuracy of as-builts, and by seting-up automatic scheduling of data exchanges for BIM/FM solutions.
  • Work Orders Management, by utilizing bi-directional exchange with CMMS (i.e. Maximo, TMA, etc.), adding work orders linked to BIM online or on Tablet PC (iPad/Windows), and by scheduling inspections, attaching work orders to them.
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