6D BIM - Energy Analysis & Sustainability

A step-up from the financial and time scheduling data of other BIM 'dimensions', 6D BIM focuses on sustainable and environmentally conscious design and building.


6D BIM - BIM for Energy Analysis & Sustainable Design

Sustainability, Environmental Design and Energy management have a critical effect on the life cycle of a Project, in regard to operational costs, performance, wellbeing and environmental impact.

Architectural and building aspects of the design, such as orientation of spaces, size, location and technical attributes of openings, thermal data of material layers adding up to the envelope of the building, can be validated through real-time, concurrently calculated benchmarks.

Populated with MEP design Data the 6D BI Model formulates a holistic reference in regard to the whole life-cycle operation and maintenance of the facility, and the foundation for the development of a “Digital Twin” used to monitor, among other things, the actual against the designed performance of assets.

EB/Architects will support the implementation of 6D BIM by providing the following services:

  • Consulting for project sustainable design strategies.
  • Building and open space energy analysis.
  • Natural and artificial lighting design.
  • CFD analysis
  • Energy virtualisation and modeling.
  • Construction documentation and material/systems specifications.
  • Coordination and management of passive design element constructions.
  • Building energy consumption auditing and monitoring.
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