BIM Driven Design

BIM Driven Architectural Design is about making good use of the BI processes in order to boost creativity in a number of ways, throughout the design process from Concept Stage to Construction and As-Built Documentation.


BIM Driven Architectural Design

In the Concept Stage:

  • The BI Model will communicate the initial response to the brief, as well as the aesthetic intent.
  • Examination of forms will be facilitated in a 3 dimensional space.
  • Access to building metrics, area and volume, will occur concurrently to the concept massing process.
  • Concept models will be placed in their actual geographical position within the digital environment thus allowing for energy and sun-shading simulations that optimize sustainable facade design and selection of exterior enclosure materials.
  • Facade, roofing and other articulated systems will be generated utilizing computational parametric design.

In the Detail and Construction Documentation Design Stage:

  • Exported drawings and Schedules will be accurate, efficient and coordinated being in reality views from a different angle towards the same object, that is the Building Information Model.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements will be easier to verify.
  • Information that can be used for fabrication, co-ordination, sequencing and estimating purposes, will be embedded in the elements of the BI Model.
  • Critical interfaces will be flagged, and Clash Detection and Resolving process will be executed prior to the production of clash free detailed documentation.
  • Parametric information will support the production of information necessary to execute the project.
  • Specific systems, objects and assemblies will be accurate in terms of specification, size, form, function and location.
  • Constructability and sequencing of works will be verified through detailed visualization and 4D scheduling simulations.

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