4D Scheduling - Construction Sequence Visualization

The BIM model can be used to simulate project phasing and various construction related operations, according to each project Stage, by linking the model elements with the proposed delivery schedules for the execution of each project phase, and running simulations to show possible timelines.


4D Scheduling enables the various participants (from architects, designers, contractors to owners) of a construction project, to visualize the entire sequence of a series of events and display the progress of construction activities through the lifetime of the project.

During the construction planning phase, animated representation of the building sequence will help owners and investors to put their trust on the project manager and the contractor.

Workplans created by dedicated software as Microsoft Project and Primavera can be linked to BI Model and task bars can be associated with corresponding sets of BIM elements, thus providing a higher level in coordination of activities by simulating the overall process in a safe environment, where planning scenarios can be optimized and discrepancies gradually eliminated.

In a smaller scale, 4D modeling can facilitate the animation of assembling components where the construction order is critical and the tolerances limited.

EB/Architects' BIM Team is very familiar with all the 4D Modeling and animation techniques, whether these are serving commercial-marketing purposes or purely technical ones, combining artistic presentation skills with a deep experience and understanding of the contracting workflows.

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