Suvlaki (Soho, London) by AfroditiKrassa

Launched earlier this year, Suvlaki is a sleek, modern fast casual restaurant. Designed by London-based, Greek interior designer AfroditiKrassa the venue will be serving its namesake; the delicious traditional Greek street food Suvlaki. ‘Suvlaki’ is a grilled meat on a skewer eaten plain or inside a wrap that is very popular in Greece but has a lesser presence outside of the Mediterranean. This Athenian Grill House aims to educate London about this traditional food that makes a great alternative to burritos or burgers and provide Soho with a unique new concept from lunch to dinner; takeaway to delivery and for late night bites.

The restaurant has seating available for 34 which includes elongated casual dining tables. The interior design is based on a palette of blues, from inky petrol blues to bright turquoise hues, which have been used throughout the scheme in a myriad of rich textures, finishes and patterns. The result is a dark and classic venue which is resourceful and understated.


Furniture and bric-a-brac have all been sourced and made in Greece, alongside Greek marble table tops and Italian lava stone worktops. The feature Greek column wall cladding is produced by a repetition of over 80 reclaimed, vintage Italian terrazzo fluted column sections.

Products from Afroditi Krassa’s signature collection AKo/lection have been used throughout the interior, including the Moroccan made Piano Tiles and beveled glass Pentagon pendant lamps, creating a warm and bold feature which reflects light along the ceiling.

The suvlakis are cooked in a theatrical kitchen, on a robata-style grill with natural wood charcoal and no chemicals or additives. The feature grill has been positioned prominently at the front of the shop to create theatre and showcase the provenance of the ingredients and specialist grilling.

Athens’ notorious, satirical graffiti has provided inspirations for the brand’s design, reflecting the authentic urban side of Greece that is far removed from the tourist clichés of Greek eateries often found abroad.

“In the past year there has been a massive wave of Greek innovative hospitality concepts opening in London… Greece is currently presenting itself as one of the creative powerhouses of Europe and our brand and interior design is picking up on this energy: raw, witty and idiosyncratic. The small restaurant will be buzzing with energy and pace, show off grilling, large communal tables and bold colours.”

Afroditi Krassa


Acclaimed Greek chef Elias Mamalakis, has designed several signature dishes for Suvlaki. The restaurant will offer lamb, chicken and pork options and Chios Island Mastello cheese and vegetables wrapped in pita bread or served on skewers. The menu will also include sides such as Elias’ Fresh Herb and Vegetable Salad and Baked Feta. A fully Greek wine menu is also offered alongside rare bottled craft beers from selected microbreweries in Greece.


Suvlaki will introduce this popular Greek street food to the British public, turning it into a respected, quality snack to join other popular examples in the high end fast food market.