The trigger

When you realize that the “crisis” applies in most of the fields around you, in your whole country, considering personal, professional, social and all the human issues, that can –even in a long term- damage your existence and integrity, but you have managed to twist the whole situation for you and your team (which in some cases is your family and in other, your family is your team), you have to celebrate!

We chose to celebrate our renewed firm by getting an image makeover that reflects our “tone”, expresses who we are, how we think and how we work.

The concept

The idea was based on the following sequence of thoughts:

  • Basically, we are an architectural firm, established in 1994
  • We have participated in some of the most important projects, held in our country
  • We are a quite big team numbering about 12 people
  • We are passionate with self-improvement that means team-improvement
  • We love changes and we embrace them
  • We feel solid, secure but versatile at the same time
  • We ride the vehicle that is appropriate for each project and in the end, we become the vehicle
  • We managed to overlap the whole Greek “crisis” into an opportunity for which we work really hard every single day, besides all the challenges that regularly show up
  • We really care about tomorrow

The theme

So, we had to create a logo that should visualize little of each of the mentioned elements of our identity. The final logo, as showed above, visualizes

  • the pure architectural form of a cube
  • the perspective that describes our attitude
  • the 3D environment that we work in, because of all the BIM features that we master
  • the different colors of the sides that show the co-operation of the different specialties
  • the name of the firm, that pierces the schema, signifies the bond that keeps together the individual units.

The colors

As we wanted to create a brand new logo, we didn’t keep any of the elements of our previous identity, not even the color tones. We chose the black as the basic color because in our minds inspires sophistication, integrity and because architects wear black! Grey in the details, because is the quiet, architectural, basic color. Lime is chosen to be our new identity color because is calm but intense, bright but not loud, and comes into great contrast with the black as the basic color.

The logo


The mini logo

This version of our logo was created in order to be used in special occasions that we cannot occupy the space needed for the original one. Here we come with a mini version of our logo which is more than enough for you to understand who’s behind it!

The Business Cards

As we believe that there must be space for diversity, we had the idea of using the main card design, but applying different colors on it. As a result, there were created different versions of our Business Card, so anyone can choose the one that is closer to his taste.

The main EB/A Business Card




The BLUE EB/A version



The RED EB/A version



The TURQUOISE EB/A version


The notepad

The one, out of the almost 15 different Notepad Designs, is here to stay! Clean, architectural, simple and straight, allows enough space for inspiration, creativity and ideas to be tested on it! Ready to receive your best ideas or your searching thoughts.


The Website

The Website is the mirror of a company. In our case, it had to be simple but impressive, concise by giving all the information needed and above all, user friendly. We had a go at changing the web-designing-pattern that is shaped by the architectural firms until now. We tried to avoid the traditional menu arrangements and layouts and we hope that we finally created a more liberal and interesting version of an architectural website that shows our work, describes our aesthetics and reflects our values.