Cafe-Bar Interior Design

Designing a café, a bar or a restaurant, it is always interesting, because it is a subject that releases creativity. In order to design a space with such a use, one must let him/herself free and work on the subject with a scenographical approach. Of course, the small scale and the temporary character of that kind of project let enough room for experimentation and fantasy to take place in the design. Only then, the result will be something to be proud of.


In Dr. J.Spon’s case, things were quite clear for the beginning. The clients had very specific requirements and we made an attempt to bring them to life in the best possible way. A bright-white and gold color palette, combined with sophisticated textures in the materials –old fashioned white brick and re-used solid wood-, soft and pale fabrics is the material map of the whole project, which is elevated by the interior elegant secretly-hidden lighting.


The result is a bright, elegant, and classical with rustic details space, where one can enjoy interesting beverages and high quality food. An all-day place which has the ability to get transformed at night and become the most interesting and intellectual place in town, with an elegant atmosphere and the matching clients.