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“It is unlikely all construction firms will adopt BIM Level 2 before the April 2016 government deadline, according to panellists at Building Live. Speaking at the conference yesterday, head of BIM at Lendlease, Rahul Shah, said it is “unlikely” firms in the industry already adopting BIM will get “the rest on the journey” to become Level 2 compliant before April. Richard Waterhouse, chief executive of RIBA Enterprises, agreed with Shah and said: “We are going through a change process (in the industry). To think the industry can go through that process in five years is unrealistic. “If you look back 20 years to CAD, we know there is an adoption curve.” However, Stephen Holmes, partner and practice BIM manager at Foster + Partners, believed there would be a “slow and steady ramp up” in firms adopting BIM Level 2 ahead of the deadline. The panellists at the event also shared some of their experiences using BIM, with Shah revealing Lendlease have encountered legal issues in working collaboratively on BIM with other firms. He said: “We had a tier one architect saying we can’t issue you our BIM model as our insurance broker won’t allow us to. Insurance brokers need education more than any others in the industry.”

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In EB/Architects firm, we have implemented BIM Level 2 in all our projects, since 2014. We find ourselves in constant research and we make great effort to “train” the brains of our collaborators, which is huge but very rewarding in the end.

As the article describes, this is a big transition that will take some serious amount of time and courage to change the working and thinking philosophy.