Architects of Invention’s CORAL Hotel Design Utilizes Biomimicry to Resemble Coral in Seychelles

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Architects of Invention has unveiled their design for the CORAL Hotel, an upscale lifestyle community inSeychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa. Located on the reclaimed portion of the main island of Seychelles, the project will feature professionally serviced apartments, a spa, several restaurants, a clubhouse, a pool, private marina and direct access to the beach.

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In an effort to replicate sustainability solutions from nature, the project utilizes biomimicry and is based on the models, systems, and growth of coral. The architect states that “the structures of the project derives from the content of units in continuous movement resembling a sea creature, coral or the moving of the sea.”

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In order to optimize ocean views from apartment windows, the apartment complex will be “arranged as single or several interlocked architectural spaces along the entire length of the parcel.” Thus, half of the apartments in the building will have ocean views.

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Each apartment will average 40 square meters, with either one or two bedrooms, a mixed kitchen and living room, a bathroom, and a spacious terrace.

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Furthermore, the ground floor of the building will house the main lobby, restaurant, bar, spa, and retail space.

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