Seaside House in Oman / Concept 2

EB/Architects, have been asked to design a seaside house in Oman. The client desired a mediterranean inspired residence with a distinct influence from cycladic architecture. The design process, has been diverted through two concepts in order to help the client to define his needs.

Concept 2 

Concept 2 is about a house organized around a “center of gravity” that is the court yard where everything turns to. House masses with limited openings in the ground floor, create a protective barrier towards public exposure.


Connection with the seashore and views to the sea are “framed” yet “strong” and imposing. This is a house of the “adventurous” type; More articulated, with more levels, stairs and corridors, leading to “hidden” spaces.


It takes more time to get your self to know the “best corners” of this house, but since you do, the views to the sea will be more than rewarding.