Seaside house in Oman / Concept 1

EB/Architects, have been asked to design a seaside house in Oman. The client desired a mediterranean inspired residence with a distinct influence from cycladic architecture. The design process, has been diverted through two concepts in order to help the client to define his needs.

Concept 1 

Concept 1 is about a house open to the surroundings. All living spaces enjoy generous view to the sea. The limit between the open spaces of the house and the seashore is obscure. Privacy is not the priority in this Concept which promotes a symbiotic lifestyle, strongly connected with the seaside environment. This is a simply organized house, with a “rational” layout of spaces. No surprises, no hidden treasures, but an “easy going” sense of space, for those that go for relaxation and comfort.


Both Concepts are inspired by the Mediterranean Seaside Architecture, In both Concepts, volumes are assemblies of “cubes” in different sizes and heights, so that they appear to be closer to the human scale, like a part of a Cyclades village.


Concept 1 House is turning it’s “face” towards the sea. It is a house “open” to the sea. When the large sliding doors in the ground floor are open, indoors and outdoors seem to become “one”. It is due to the large openings looking towards the sea, that Concept 1 House appears “light” and “balanced” even though it is a relative big and “compact” building. Turning towards the entrance, in the opposite side to the sea, the openings get smaller preserving privacy and austerity. Entrance wall though, is made of glass blocks, to become more emphasized and “welcoming”.


 The entrance area is of double height.Attention is instantly captured by the view of the sea straight ahead. One can pass through the double height hall and see the kitchen area on the left. Can walk down a couple of stairs to the “living” area. On the right hand as I enter the hall I see the staircase leading to the 1st floor and the roof. Allocation of spaces follows a simple rule: “Public” and Living Spaces are located in the Ground Floor. “Private” spaces-bedrooms are located on the 1st Floor.