Super Graphics: EB/Architects Interiors team’s favorite prints for wall covering and fabrics

Interior spaces can be elevated in many different ways. Good architecture and space design, obviously is key but Interior designers have tones of other weapons on hand. Elegance and style in the interiors lies in the details, whether it is a decorative accent, a lamp, a bold colored wall or even a statement rug.  Every season as it happens with fashion, new trends appear and refresh things up. Luckily, these trends have quite a durability and they worth investing in statement pieces or installations.

The last few years, strong patterns, innovative materials and unexpected color combinations are dominant in interior design trends, as fabrics, upholstery and wall coverings.

Personally, I find wall coverings lifesaving, when it comes to transforming a place on a budget or for no-time space lifting. Fabrics can be used in numerous ways and make a statement to remember.

Here are my current favorite patterns, colors and materials. Let me know what you think!

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By Vania Houliaras-Bogris                                                                                             Interior Designer, EB/Archtects                                                                             Images by INTERIOR DESIGN