I AM 7

“I AM” Installation Lights Up Paulista Avenue with People’s Emotions

Amazing installation, illuminated by interactive light patterns. in the facade of the Hotel WZ Jardins in Sao Paulo, is activated by people’s emotions, the air quality or even the city sounds! Read on, it’s interesting!

Estudio Guto Requena has designed a new façade, which also doubles as an urban art intervention, for the Hotel WZ Jardins in São Paulo. Dubbed “The Light Creature,” the 30-story facade is visible both during the day and at night, changing to interact with its surroundings and responding to stimuli like air quality and sound. During the day the façade has a pixilated blue, gray and gold skin that serves as “a visual reflection of the soundscape of São Paulo’s iconic Avenida Rebouças,” and at night it is illuminated by interactive light patterns.

I AM 3

Part street furniture, part data visualization, Guto Requena’s “I am” installation in São Paulo invited passers-by to interact with the city and connect with one another. Observers were asked to sit on a bench and take a picture of themselves, while also selecting which of six emotions they were feeling at the time: love, joy, surprise, anger, fear or sadness. 

I AM 2

Each emotion was associated with a color through which the photo was filtered before appearing on the main façade of the FIESP Building along Paulista Avenue. The images then faded into a graph to colorfully display the predominant emotions at the moment. 

I AM 5

The street furniture was built from recycled tetrapak plates, using parametric design and digital fabrication. 

The installation invited observers “to reflect on the emotional landscapes that connect us to one another and to our urban environment,” write the architects. “I am” continues with the studio’s research on memory, interactive technologies and emotions.”