New Residential Tower in Beirut, by PARALX

The tower is a part of a larger development scheme in the burgeoning Beirut Digital District (BDD) that will include 12 buildings and over 150,000 square meters of office spaces, apartments, hotels, shops, and entertainment facilities. T3 will host cafes and restaurants on the ground level, with residential apartments located throughout the upper floors, all targeted towards the creative class that is moving into the area labeled as “Lebanon’s Silicon Valley.



” Each residential unit is conceived with the idea of open space, and features high ceilings and a “mini piazza,” which can either have a hanging garden or a plunge pool, thereby extending the green space vertically on the building.

“Located on the Green Line that separated Beirut between East and West during the civil war years, T3 residential tower reflects the Master Plan vision of being a space for convergence rather than one of segregation; conceived as a ‘slab and glass,’ its transparency blurs the line that split the city throughout the years.

” The T4 and T5 buildings—part of the master plan for the area—are set to break ground mid-2016. T3 is scheduled next in line, and is expected to break ground in 2017.

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