How Building Information Modeling (BIM) is changing the industry?

“Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become the hottest topic in the industry. Integral to the UK government’s Construction Strategy, with a mandate for its use on all public sector capital projects by 2016, the efficiencies and savings BIM can bring are finally being officially recognised. However, Laing O’Rourke’s head of cost planning James Eaton has […]


Communication in Construction

<p>Relationships are complex more often than not, and require constant communication to keep things functioning smoothly.</p>


Cafe-Bar Interior Design

<p>Chic &amp; classy cafe-bar, in a small town, three hours far from Athens, with a fabulous view to the picturesque venetian port. Read the story of our project, in the article below and visit our site to see more images</p>


BIM 4 FM – May the force be with you

<p>Mike Packham, Partner of Bernard Williams Associates and BIFM member provides the highlights from May Winfield's recent presentation examining the dark side of the legal issues surrounding BIM and the FM sector…</p>

267114D BIM

4D BIM by Fred Mills

<p>Fred Mills is in the host's chair, explaining that 4D BIM is adding time-inclusive data to assets within an information model. This refers to factors like lifespan of an object, construction and installation period and more.</p>

57245D BIM

5D BIM by Fred Mills

<p>The five minute, 29 second clip features Fred Mills clarifying the meaning of 5D BIM and how actually, cost managers are now more important than ever before, dispelling a common myth that a BIM process may eradicate them from the project lifecycle.</p>

114386D BIM

6D BIM by Fred Mills

<p>The definition of six-dimensional Building Information Modelling is the subject of the latest informative video from The B1M. Fred Mills is in-front of the camera in the latest clip that tackles what 6D BIM actually entails.</p>

456six steps josh

Six Steps for General Contractors

<p><em>"Building Information Modeling is changing the game for many companies in the construction industry in the U.S. Projects are experiencing increased efficiencies and decreased downtime with fewer RFIs in the field."</em></p>


Joan Miro: A replica of his studio in Mayoral Gallery, London

<p>"Although not bathed in Majorca's light, a London studio has recreated in minute detail the Mediterranean sunshine island studio of Spanish painter Joan Miro."</p>


“Building Tomorrow” Construction Programme

<p>"Building Tomorrow" is a collaboration of the Chartered Institute of Builders with ITN Productions. It is a braodcast news project, which highlights how the UK tends to use BIM in the following years and the positive impact that this new technology has regarding the evolution of the idustry.</p>


Top Hospitality Trends

<p>"The hospitality sector is driven by the demographics and the human behavior. Hotel chains are trying to slice and dice the market in so many ways", says Randa Tukan, director of Hospitality based in HOK' Toronto office.</p>


Museum Visit: From a Social Status to a Personalized Experience

<p><em>"Personalized visits is becoming the emblematic museum experience of our time"</em></p>